Valuable Legal Assistance from a Criminal Attorney or Personal Injury Lawyer

Trust a criminal attorney or personal injury lawyer from Jackson Law Group CT in Shelton, Connecticut, to guide you throughout the entire criminal or civil litigation process. The level of involvement we have for our work allows us to adapt to each client’s individual needs. 
Man in Handcuff Litigation 
Jackson Law Group CT provides invaluable advice and passionate representation for civil and criminal litigation. Our expert litigators believe that results matter, so when the stakes are high, clients turn to us without hesitation. In our firm, litigation success is a tradition. 

Criminal Law 
Our firm has defended many clients in criminal cases of various degrees; from minor infractions to felonies. Clients with pending criminal investigations could take advantage of our services for a speedy trial. Moreover, we counsel law enforcement on legal actions whenever necessary. Lastly, any business that aims to develop policies and guidelines related to Criminal Law can come to us for assistance.
Accident Law 
Personal injury cases carry both civil and criminal elements. We will fight for the victims, and make sure that they get what they deserve after their accident. Our firm is home to a full team of lawyers and paraprofessionals equipped with many years of experience in successfully handling injury claims. 

Other Areas of Specialization 
Aside from civil and criminal cases, we fight various other legal battles on behalf of our clients. These include: 

Administrative and Local Laws:
• Administrative Law 
• Land Use Laws, Including Planning, Zoning & Inland Wetlands 
• Municipal Bonds & Issuance of Debt 
• Municipal Law 
• Public Contract Bidding 
• Drafting & Administration 
• Town Charter & Ordinances 
• Health Care Directives & Power of Attorney 
• Collective Bargaining Agreements & Arbitration 

Laws for Persons:
• Employment Law & Human Resources 
• Estate Planning & Wills 
• Freedom of Information Act 
• Sports and Entertainment Law 
• Tax Appeals
Contact us in Shelton, Connecticut, for responsive criminal or civil litigation aid from a reputable criminal attorney or personal injury lawyer.